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The UAW MO-KAN Federal Credit Union was started as UAW-CIO Federal Credit Union in June, 1950 by five General Motors emloyees. In just three short months there were 52 members and more than $10,000 in shares. Its first location was above the UAW Local 31 Union Hall at 726 Armstrong Kansas City, Kansas, it was there for more than 15 years.


In June 1965, the Credit Union was able to purchase the Fairfax Hills Baptist Church building, located at 3040 N 10th St Kansas City, Kansas.  At that time the membership had reached 3,408 members, with assets totaling 1.9 million. In 1971 the Credit Union became Federally insured, giving the members assurance that their funds where secure.The Credit Union served its members at this location for 40 years.

In 2004 the UAW MO-KAN Federal Credit Union purchased the lot located at 3254 Brinkerhoff Rd and the new building was completed in January 2005. The Board of Directors dedicated this building to Jack Pope (Manager/Treasurer) for all his years of service and designing the building. We have been serving General Motors Employees, General Motors Retirees and their familys for more than 63 years. This building is our current location.

    UAW MO-KAN Federal Credit Union is a member of the NCUA

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    our facebook page

    3254 Brinkerhoff Road
    Kansas City, KS  66115
    Phone: 913-342-0293
    Fax: 913-321-5286

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